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Here, you can find everything about the server. Use the table of contents below to link directly to a specific point on the page.


Textura features zero economy. This means no buying or selling items, no jobs, and overall no money and balance. Items can be traded through a trading interface. You can start a trade with the command '/trade', or shift + right click on a player.


Rather than ranking up for economy, Textura feature levels. By playing the game and reaching milestones, you can level up. Leveling up gives you more perks as you go! You can view a list of level perks in-game with the '/levels' command. Each level will give you more land claim chunks as well as perks.

Land Claim

Protect your area with Lands. To create a land, simply type '/lands create '. After you have a land, find a good place to setup and type '/lands claim'. You can edit your Land's settings with '/lands'; this will open an interface. Get claim chunks by leveling up, and expand! You can own 1 land, and be a member in a total of 3 lands (including your own).


Ranks are purchased through the webstore, and will unlock you special cosmetic features such as a suffix and tablist prefix, as well as some instant perk unlocks which can be found at the webstore, or listed in-game with '/ranks'.


PlayerVaults are like portable chests that you can open anywhere with a single command. You start with a single PlayerVault, but you unlock them as you level up. You can open your PlayerVault with '/pv '. Nothing you put inside will be lost, and your items can be transferred around without using inventory space! Useful, huh?

Voting & VotePoints

You can vote for Textura to receive VotePoints, a completely custom currency. This currency can be earned by using '/vote', selecting a link, and typing in your username, and can be spent by typing '/shop'. You can use VotePoints to purchase crate keys and more.

Furnace System

The Furnace system on Textura is different than regular Vanilla. You can see a hologram above the Furnace showing what is in it and how much fuel is left. You are also able to smelt down armor and tools back into resources simply by placing them into a Furnace.

Discord & Minecraft

Our Discord server links directly to Minecraft and back. Any messages you send in the #server-chat channel in Discord are seen by Minecraft players, and vice versa. This is useful when trying to communicate with members while not being online.


Warnings are collected for breaking rules. If you receive three warnings at once, you will be banned from Textura. Warnings expire after 7 days of being clean, so stay that way! Bans will start off temporary, but will eventually become permanent. However, we will not tolerate hackers, and you will receive an instant permanent ban for hacking.


A scoreboard on the right-side of your screen will show you statistics at all times. If you are not a fan of the board, you can disable it with '/sb toggle'. The same command can also be used to enable it again.

World Border

The world is 100,000x100,000. You may not go any farther than the world border allows.


McMMO adds special abilities and levels to make your gameplay more unique and fun. As it is very complicated, you can read about it on their wiki.

Spawner System

Spawners can be picked up with the Silk Touch enchantment. When you right click a spawner, a menu will appear. Through the menu, you can upgrade a spawner with 50 levels of experience. You can also level up a spawner by stacking another spawner on it. Stacking multiple spawners of different types will create an Omni Spawner.


MythicDrops gives special types of drops such as Socket Gems and Unidentified Items. Socket Gems can be placed on Socket Swords to give it a special enhancement. You can identify an Unidentified Item with an Identity Tome. This will give it random enchantments, some good, some useless.

Chunk Anchors

Chunk Anchors can keep your chunk loaded for when you are not nearby or when you are entirely offline. They are available for purchase on the webstore in 4 different time periods. They can be combined to add more time.

Textura was created and developed by AshtonMemer alone.