A warm introduction of BAS1CALLYD3AD


New Member
Jul 6, 2019
United States of America
Hello hello, I am BAS1CALLYDEAD!
(Also known as D3AD).

I am a 17-year-old guy from Texas, U.S.A. I currently work at a grocery store as a cashier while I try and start my own business. My number one thing is respect and you should just respect everyone no matter who they are, even if you don't agree with their ways of like or who they choose to be.

Things I enjoy:

  • Intelligent conversations.
  • Food, I am the bottomless pit for food.
  • Birds, currently don't own one but I do love to watch them (I got charlie though, he is my blue parrot on the server).
  • Love to learn new things, as I am a very curious person.
  • Playing video games with great people, I mean who doesn't?
Things I don't enjoy:
  • Smacking, I hate people who chew with their mouth open when they eat, more of a pet peeve.
  • Wasps... too many bad experiences with those demonic creatures.
  • Sleeping, I am a night owl but my body makes me so kinda have to especial with the amount I work.
  • Politics! It just creates a bunch of borders and more reasons for people to start arguments or hate each other.
  • As much I love food, I am not big on sweets (with the except of cheesecake and certain chocolate items).
I am just excited I get to be here and can't wait to see what comes of it.
~ D3AD signing out.